Premium Service Package

After completing your booking, email us your queries or travel requests for seating, meal preferences, wheelchair assistance and more. With this service, an agent will assist by processing your requests to the airline in question.

How it works

  1. Add the Premium Service Package to your booking.

  2. Contact us to specify your travel requests.

    After receiving your booking confirmation, submit an email detailing your travel requests to one of our agents. If your departure is within 48 hours, email your requests to [email protected] If your departure is in more than 48 hours, email your requests to [email protected]

  3. An agent submits your requests to the airline.

    The agent will assist in submitting travel requests to the airline and will inform you once requests have been confirmed.


  • Adding the Premium Service Package entitles you to dedicated help with securing all your flight specifications.
  • Save time and effort while we assist with meals, seating requests, online check-in and travelling with children.
  • We will process all requests to the airline on your behalf.

Terms and conditions

  • Please note that we can only make a request to the airline in question and can not guarantee that they will be confirming your request.
  • Some airlines and low cost carriers might not offer a particular service eg: pre-seating and meals. Many airlines keep their emergency exit seats for their members or restrict the allocation to check-in only.
  • Airlines often charge extra costs for special luggage and sports equipment, which will be charged by the airline at the airport. Extra costs are not covered by the Premium Service Package. We will advise you accordingly if extra costs may apply.

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